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EDSWT for the Treatment of Chronic Pelvic Pain

A 56-year-old woman who suffered from Chronic Pelvic Pain since 2010 came to Prof. Lim who treated her using the EDSWT.

A curative therapy for ED edges forward

Dr. Burnett, a professor of urology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, describes LI ESWT for ED as an effective, novel and promise treatment for both PDE5i responders and PDE5i poor responders. 

Dr. Dong Wook-Kim, The Good Morning Andrology Clinic Hospital, Korea

Good Morning Andrology Clinic hospital has been  using the ED1000 for the past 2 years, treating so far 56 patients.

A 40-year-old male suffering from MSD Sucsseful Treatment

A 40-year-old male patient with initials MSD entered the Urology Clinic of Dr. Azwar Amir, Sp.U located in Private Care Center Dr. WahidinSudirohusodo Hospital, Makassar. His main concern was that he will not be able to get married because he is having troubles in getting proper erections.

Prof. Horie, Juntendo University, Japan

Prof. Horie has been using the ED1000 for the past 2 years.


Prof. Peter Lim, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapre

Prof. Peter Lim, Gleneagles Hospital Senior Consultant and the Chairman of the Singapore Men's Health Association, claims that in the recent years there is a growing number of older people suffering from erectile dysfunction, that are interested in improving their erection and reviving their sex life. These people turn to him, searching for the ultimate solution

A Fit 67 Year-Old Male Presented Complaining of Eight Years of Persistent Erectile Dysfunction

Patient Description:

Patient was unresponsive to or dissatisfied with various PDE5i drugs, including Cialis and Viagra. He reported deteriorating marital well-being and increasing frustration and anxiety.

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