Frequent Asked Questions


What is the ED1000?

Who can use the ED1000?

What are Shockwaves?

What are the inclusion criteria for treatment?

What are the exclusion criteria for treatment?

Is the treatment being conducted in a discreet manner?

Is it necessary to hospitalize the patient?

I have heard that the shock wave applicator (lithotripter) in the Urology department is noisy and there is a need to wear ear protection. Is it required during ED treatment?

Is there a significant difference between Erectile Dysfunction Shockwave Therapy and other ED treatment option?

Why should I prefer this treatment instead of PDE5-I that I take today ?

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Pre Treatment

What are the reasons behind choosing the suggested protocol?

What does the patient feel during treatment?

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During Treatment

Is the treatment painful?

What does the patient feel during treatment?

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Post Treatment

Is there any side effect of the treatment?

Is it possible to undertake repeated sessions?

Is there a need for special post treatment procedures?

Can the patient engage in sexual activity after each session?

How soon after treatment protocol initiation shall I feel any difference in sexual performance?

Can PDE5-I be used until I feel clinical improvement with EDSWT treatment?

How long does the treatment effect last?

Is there a change in the intake of medication after treatment?

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